Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christian gonzales

Eva grateful, for playing football, the bomber was never seriously injured. "Thankfully, thanks to the prayers of all people, Christian never serious injury. During this time the pain was just the flu, "he said.

Asked about the spiritual life of her husband, Eva explains how the body plays a man 177 cm follow their religion.

"I do not ever force the Christian convert to Islam. He himself is interested, "his wife started. "He did not even know what Islam is like. But he always saw each time I pray, continue to ask, why then, why should so. "

"I then tell it slowly, he finally joined a convert to Islam. He himself is willing, "said Eva Gonzalez who knows when to learn Salsa in Chile 1994.

Eva effort continued until El Loco got an offer to play in the PSM Makassar in 2003. In Indonesia, Cristian got to know Islam more broadly than the diverse adherents, not just the wife.

The bomber eventually became the new convert shortly after setting foot in Indonesia and the more obedient since then.

"Now, every game I always remind him read Al Fatihah. It's funny to hear his accent. I also pray that he ajarin, "he continued.

Mad marriage to bear fruit four hearts, Amanda, Michael, Fernando and Vanesa `Alvaro Gonzalez.